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We offers leading products in their sector, both with regard to the technology used and to their overall design. Revolutionary video quality of digital and LED technologies, guarantees a reliable and flexible individual homes & Multi-apartment Video Door Phones. And Integrated security solution for multi-apartment complexes.

Video Door Phone provides easy and convenient control of visitor access restricting unauthorized entry in the premises and ensuring complete security to family and home, right at the entrance door.

Solutions are perfectly combines the most advanced technology with a unique design. It is a variable communication system supporting both voice and video transmission. And all that are in analog and TCP/IP technology.

The simplest form of door access control is a two way audio intercom and handset receiver between the entrance and the property owner. We can increase the sophistication and features ranging from a video entry system with full motion colour video to multiple video stations with the ability to open and lock doors, electronic gates and access to car park barriers at the touch of a button. For larger complexes our video door entry systems can be incorporated in to fully managed security access control systems with pin codes, smart cards, swipe cards, biometric fingerprints and key fob tokens, or any combination allowing you to monitor, limit access and control to areas of the building.

We also have models that are available with basic security features like alerts during emergency (Fire, Gas leak and Burglary).

Solutions ranges from a single residential house to a multi story housing block through to small, medium or large businesses, controlling and securing entry to your building is now an integral part of your security.

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